Example Project - Rebecca the Receptionist

Example Project - Rebecca the Receptionist - student project


I am Rebecca. I work as a receptionist for a busy multi-national export and import company.

My boss is always coming to me and asking me to prepare spreadsheets, often just dumping things on my desk, giving very little information about precisely what he wants and when he wants it finished by.

After learning about questioning skills in the course and how every interaction is a process of influence I have decided to give these new skills a try the next time my boss requests spreadsheets.

When he leaves me with 'paperwork' and no instructions I am going to ask:

1. What - "What do you specifically want me to do?"

2. How - "How do you want me to present it? In a table, or as a list?"

3. When - "When do you precisely need it by?"

If I only manage to have answers to these questions my work will be less stressful and better quality. Currently, much of my work is wasted because my boss will come and collect my work and find it is not as he wanted it. 

The skills learned in this video course will help stop this wastage and inefficiency.


Rebecca the Receptionist