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Example Project - How to Export your Cinemagraph below 2mb


I have created a sample project to help you with the GIF Export settings

To reduce the file size you may first change the initial dimensions of the image when saving as GIF. File > Export > Save for Web and in the "Save for Web"panel you have the possibility of reducing the size. "Image Size" and here please change the width and the height of the image (in pixels). By clicking on the little "chain" icon you will be able to retain original proportions of the image. 

I would suggest trying around 500 pixels for the longest edge of your image and optimizing amount of colours further. With the width set as 780 pixels and with 90 colours I managed to get a GIF under 2mb.

Please have a look at the attached screen shot.

2 mb is a "Project Gallery" file size limit, so in order to show your project you need to keep your GIF under 2mb.

If you had any questions - please ask! :)




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