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Benjamin M. Keller

Mograph Designer and Music Composer-Producer



Example Demo for Project Gallery

This is a example on how you can upload your Demo to the project gallery of this class


Here's is my demo for the "Make Your First Demo" Class, this is a 4 track demo with an ambient style. My objective was to make a groove base with drums and bass and then add some ambient or atmospheric instruments in order to add more mystery.


After the description you got 2 options to share your Demo:

1. Just share the soundcloud link that you can find after you upload, like this: https://soundcloud.com/oligaga/bmk-demo-1

2. You can go to your profile on Souncloud and click in your uploaded demo, then click on the Share button and go to "Embed" copy the code and then go to the "Embed Media" button here in the Project Workspace  and paste, it will look like this:


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