Example #1

Class Project


  • Character:

Mark had always been a thin guy, the type that doesn’t need to do exercise to be in shape. He likes to keep his beard and hair short since he feels that it makes him look more serious. Since he started to work at an office he hoped that look made him appear older, since he is often told that he looks too young to be working.

  • Place:

Mark spends most of his day on the city. The city always seems to be on rush hour, all day long the streets are filled with cars and people going around to work, the only time you see them a little bit less concur is at night.  Even then, you see people on bars and restaurants with their friends or families and the building with lights on, like no one ever sleeps.

  • Situation:

We were laying by the sandbank, hearing the waves roar and keeping company to each other. It never occurred to me how peaceful I felt when we were there, no worries, just staring at the starry sky and sharing our thoughts. Those days were the best of my life, but it’s been years since then and we grew apart. Now, even though we keep in touch and meet from time to time, nothing has been the same since then.





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