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Examining Image Usage in a Newspaper

Since I'm an art student currently, I was interested in the graphic and image usage the newspaper I collected had. It was the Wall Street Journal, so a good " realistic" choice to seeing how non-art mainstream media percieve using images. 

I read through the section I picked  (a random choice) and saw the almost equal distributions between Ads and Article pieces. As I collected the data, I realized that Ads were generally either the same size as the article pieces, or larger. Two ads even took whole pages, which must cost an enormous sum. They both were selling high-end products, so it's not a stretch to think it would cost so much to fill a page. 

In the end, it became clear that article images generally prefered to be medium or large size, situated at the tops of the articles and in color unless portraying a small portrait. Ads had more variation freedom, being either color or black and white, and also coming in a variety of freedom in shape and size ( although all images kept to a square or rectangle shape, just different lengths and widths). 

If future exploration was done on this, I have questions such as:

Does size/shape affect viewer attention? 

Does color or lack of it make an article seem more attractive or affect the mood of the reader?


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