Ex-Space Pirate


For my project I decided to make a character for a story I've had floating around in my mind for a while. The story isn't well fleshed out at all but I know the main character is an ex-space pirate working in a space station somewhere in the distant future. She uses a scythe in battle as well as her telekinetic prowess. She's a little feisty and stubborn but is often very kind and helpful despite her past endeavors in pirating. 

I started by fleshing out the main body, figuring out pose and proportions

Next I made the final sketch I'm going to work with, laying out the outfit, weapon, and a bit more detail


Haven't updated in over a month huh. I've been slowly working on it between other things I'm doing. Started with basic shading.

And now things ar getting more in-depth

The greyscale isn't quite done yet but I'm working pretty slowly. And I keep finding things I don't like. I'm not happy with the face yet and I've resized the legs as the were way to big and long. But I'm glad it's starting to flesh out more.

Next is to complete the greyscale and finally start coloring :3


Happy Pie Day! I'm pretty much done with the greyscale, I'm much happier with everything now. Maybe need a few edits but I'll fix them as I delve into the coloring


Finally, the finished product. Honestly, I think this is one of my best digitally colored pieces. Great tutorial :D


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