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Evolving Every Day


May 31  UPDATE

I completed the first version of the 10 Day Challenge in April with a ton of positive feelings and enthusiasm to work on my new projects.  I made posters, Post-it notes, reminders in my wallet, a new notebook and calendar...

As so often happens, as soon as the workshop was over, I gave in to distractions, doubts, day-dreaming, starting unrelated projects...

In my Reflections this time around, I am trying to define the reasons behind my procrastination and floundering. I feel like I am wearing lead shoes, preventing me from taking another step forward. 

What are the reasons I am stuck?  Fear, for the most part.  Always opting for "when I get this done, then I can do that..," "If if just get caught up on my bookkeeping, finish all my unfinished projects, get coffee, see a movie, study every word that has been written about every presidential candidate, clean out this drawer, clean the refrigerator...." then I can start moving forward on my two passion projects.  Duh!!!

So here I will dig in again and pay attention to the lessons learned in this workshop...

Yay!!!!  Thank you again Kelly Jo!!

June 1

Answering all the questions about why I procrastinate, why I have fears, etc. probably requires therapy, or at least something more than this workshop.  So, I will look to what practices I can reinstitute to get me back on the right track:

1. Write a daily Gratitude list

2. Keep a diary on my desk to list what I have accomplished each day, not just the "to-do's". I really found this helpful years ago when I did it.  To-do lists can be so overwhelming - no matter what gets done, there is always more to add to the list, giving a sense of never reaching a point of completion. Writing what I accomplished each day gave me something to congratulate myself for. Once I had a sense of accomplishment, it was easier to continue with actions toward my goals.

3. Tidy up my work surfaces and desks before leaving the studio each night to be ready for the next day.

4. Keep a list of my "to-do's" in a visible place on my desk so I see it first when I come into the studio - probably on top of my keyboard so I have to look at it first.

5. The most hated tasks are not the ones I'm having problems with, they are the ones I am using as distractions to keep from working on my Big Projects, so using the timer to get me started on those is not the problem.

Instead, I will use my timer to block out time to work on identified tasks for my Big Projects.  At least if I can put in a half hour at time, it will be a step forward.

6. Tame the email!! This is a never ending problem: I receive over a hundred emails a day and no matter what I do, I still end up with 450 emails in my inbox.  I have unsubscribed, junked, etc.  but to be current in  my work world, I still need to keep up with blogs, emails, etc.  Then there are the cooking and travel sites that are still important to me.  Maybe there is another Skillshare class to deal with this!  If I take a day off, it's hours a day to clear my computer and phone of emails. 

This doesn't even cover the email exchanges I need to do at 3 AM to work with my clients and producers across the globe...

7. Go back to my Gratitude List.


Too many ideas, too many directions, too many tangents, too many distractions....

Activity: Values


Activity: Strengths







Two projects because the success of the second is dependent upon the first, income from accomplishing the first big idea is imperative.

PROJECT 1 BIG MILESTONE:  Divest myself of all inventory, etc. from current business.

This month: open Etsy store to sell inventory.

This week: rational sorting of goods, letting go of items that will not sell or financial return is not worth the effort of photographing and listing.

Fears:   Not getting value back: work on biggest items first

PROJECT 2 BIG MILESTONE: Establish new business with blog and designs.

This month: decide on blog platform.

This week: study options, pros and cons.

Fears: Being overwhelmed by options: find 3 information sources of value and limit research to those.

Both:  Drowning in minutiae, spending too much time on fine, unnecessary details




1. It is time to return to writing a daily "Gratitudes List."  I have lost this focus and I know that by looking at the positive, I will be energized and more creative.

2. For today, I appreciate that it really is Spring here, the trees in the park out my studio door are in bloom and crocuses are opening.  The Green Market actually has green things today, the first of a bountiful summer to come.   Instead of appreciating that, I walked in bitching and moaning about the restaurants opening their sidewalk seating and the bicyclists riding on the sidewalk where they don't belong. I do need to focus  more on the positive!

3. It has been a great help to have these workshops with Kelly Jo.  I have seen a positive change in my moods and attention to my Big Projects and Big Goals.  This 10 day Challenge will help to keep me on this track.

4. I need to spend more time listening to music instead of political news.  It will certainly keep me in a more positive space!!!

5. Maybe because it is Spring or maybe because the Universe understands I am in a more positive space, I am suddenly hearing from friends I have been out of touch with and we are making plans.  It is good to have these touchstones, especially while I am transitioning in my business and artistic life. It also reminds me that I must be more pro-active in connecting with the people who feed me in a healthy way.


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