Evolve Monoline styled

Evolve Monoline styled - student project

I decided to design my monoline around the word evolve, Its been a important word to me. I am driven by progression and always trying to better myself, I feel this is the perfect word to express it.

I really enjoyed the class and found it easy to follow. Its a very basic skill however allows you to move into different areas and progress it even more.

Sketch Evolve

Evolve Monoline styled - image 1 - student project

Vectorized Lettering (Evolve) - I followed the process however altered some of the anchors to suit my design i was going for.

Evolve Monoline styled - image 2 - student project


Evolve Monoline styled - image 3 - student project

Really pleased with the outcome and will push it further with other methods.


Callum Cussen
Graphic Designer