Evolution - student project

Evolution - image 1 - student project 

A bit of backstory:

Technological singularity has been achieved and we welcomed it. The era of corporal form has come to an end. We pushed the limits of consumption until there was nothing left to consume. The only recourse left was to transcend mortality by uploading our consciousness to giant servers. These were the last things we built as humans. From there we let our creations take over. Bracket bots evolved to be symbiotic. They maintained the servers and in return had access to our collective memories. They decided that it would be more efficient if they brought like “minded” servers together.  By clustering servers with shared ideas and complementary information they could build quasi organic neural scaffolds that allowed for intellectual discourse. Our ideas then became the natural resources on which AI grew. The future and fate on their evolution and consumption of these new age resources is yet to be seen.


Evolution - image 2 - student project



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Having finished the classes I had a great time coming up with stories and thumb-nailing visuals. After that I worked in Procreate to sketch the outline, figure out perspective, chose color palette and finally ink the whole image. I admit I have not followed the instructions very well! I apologize for taking certain 'creative' liberties.  

The conflict in my world is not due to humans. We have realized that we will not survive in a physical sense and that the only way we can continue our existence is in the form of non corporal ideas. We are now the dinosaurs providing 'mind gasoline' to the new inhabitants. I predict that the patterns and mistakes humanity lived through will be repeated in some manner by  the AI civilizations. 

I am heavily influenced by the Matrix series and my background in computational biology. 

Thank you Ira for the fantastic  introduction to concept art and world building. I look forward to creating many more worlds.    

Ameya Murukutla
Amateur artist, eternal student