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Evolution of "Loud"


When I chose Loud to be my area of focus in this project, some of the thoughts that came straight into my head were:

  • Noisy
  • Strong
  • Bold
  • Huge
  • Strong

Those are random, yes and probably does not even fit the word- Loud but regardless they just popped into my head and as they did, I pictured a lion roaring and it prefectly summed up all of the words that I thought of and I thought - Let's start off with a lion.

Concept Sketches


I've decided to make use of the above colors for my drawing. I feel like these colors make a bold impression on the lion itself and currently, I wish to make use of the blue (#538794) for my text- ROAR, just so that it will distinctively stand out from the rest of the sketch. (any feedback would be much appreciated).

Layout and Composition

Version 01

Slowing piecing the whole thing together. I've had to modify the colors a wee little bit just to make sure they fit in decently with the rest of the colors in the image.

Added a few more elements to make it pop out. However after having received feedback from others, I learnt that there was another piece on here that was all too similar to mine and I also learnt that my rendering was way too simple so I decided to scrap this version from this point forward and start off with a newer version of my lion.

Version 02

I decided to change the look of my lion. I wanted to make it look a bit more fierce. loud and angry compared to my initial version. I sketched different versions of its mouth and finally came up with something that I liked. 

I also sketched different versions of a fish that I wanted to add to my composition.

Finally sketched the lion in its entirety and I like it so far and in my opinion is much better than my initial version. Now to get it all digitized.

Started to go digital on the Lion. 


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