Evocative Scene

Evocative Scene - student project

Hello Trupti,

it was really interesting to participate in your class.

I have realised that painting in gouache isn't as easy as first expected. Especially in terms of mixing the right color and applying it onto the paper. The orange in the trees does seem a bit weird to me and the shadows are also a bit rough, without a gradiation. I've also had troubles painting the leafes at first but then it was ok i think (see my first attempt at the bottom).

I liked the streakyness in the sky and the overlapping colors in the leafes of the trees. The Sandy ground looks interesting aswell.


Everyone who sees this:

Please feel free to tell me What you think, what you do like and what not and how I could improve my art or my approach to paint using gouache.

Evocative Scene - image 1 - student project

This is a sky for practicing the clouds and gradiation.

Evocative Scene - image 2 - student projectEvocative Scene - image 3 - student project