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Evil Sorceress

Hi everyone! The character I have in mind is a dark, maybe even mutilated female summoner. A powerful caster but with feeble physical appearance. Before I started my thumbnails, I kind of already knew I wanted some bone like forms sticking out of her shoulders or back so I had that in mind. Other than that detail, I have no clue yet how the outfit will work.

Please let me know on how I can approve on my thumbnails or if you like any of these. Thanks!


Hey guys so I chose to refine five of the silhouette/gesture drawings I previously made. I want to note that I'm new to character design so my visual library on clothing, armor, weapons etc is I guess limited so I had to looked up some references, mainly MTG black creature cards. I spent a few hours just looking at the different designs on everything. Right now, I'm aiming for a really dark, skinny sorceress with maybe exoskeleton armor.

I'm going to choose one that I will use and to add more details and create variations. Let me know if you find any interesting! Right now I'm leaning towards 2, 3, and 4.


Hey everyone. First off, thank you to those who commented. I do try to return the favor by checking out your work as well. Although I really like number 2 on my previous post, it doesn't quite fit the theme to me. It looks more angelic than evil so I went with my second favorite, pose 3. Here are four variations which I will probably refine further (my anatomy sucks) but it would be great to know what you guys think of the designs at this stage! 


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