Evidence of My Networking


  • I have already followed a majority of the companies/industries I am interested in on twitter, facebook, linkedin, or tumblr. My next goal is to start contacting/networking with them or just asking general questions about the company
  • A new social media platform I have started is flavor.me. This site helps beginners create their own websites to showcase their work. DiahannWilliams.com is my new website
  • It is kind of difficult for me to go to events because I work  all day and night, so I am going to stick to virtual events. Yesterday I tuned into the Q&A with Emaily and John from MTV's creative department.
  • I will definetly write a letter to Karen Civil, she is one wonderful woman that I look up too.

Twitter: Twitter.com/Tenacious_Deee

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/pub/diahann-williams/53/942/2b2/

My Site: DiahannWilliams.com


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