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Everything you can imagine..

Quote Selection

Everything you can imagine is real. -Pablo Picasso

I often get lost inside my own world. And it is an important reminder the stories we pull from the known and unknown are the perspectives we see and create.

Practice and Sketching

Oops! Sketch recycled paper is not the paper to use when practicing calligraphy. Lesson learned...the hard way. The pen would catch on the paper and everything came out a little wobbly. After a couple days and lots of pages of practice, I switched over to a calligraphy practice pad (images below) and treated myself to turquoise ink. 

Things I am practicing on....ink bleeding...After I dip my pen and tap, I still run into ink bleeding. Also not sure how to make it seamless with the colored ink. Large vs small...I feel more comfortable and prefer the look of the lettering when it is big and spacious. Maybe it is the freedom to do more with the lettering but when I write smaller, it just feels meh.

ex. practice sheet


ex. practice sheet with turquoise ink (I forgot to shake the bottle which is why its so light at the top.)


Here are my sketches for my quote. I am partial to the circle (2) and whimsy (4) options. Both can be developed out further...creating the quote around multiple circles...creating the quote around something whimsical. Any thoughts? :)


Final Project

The quote lives within a bubble and on a curve to give it some dimension. Despite penciling it out first, my hand was a little wobbly when copying over it. I was a little nervous. More practice is a call in order. I am happy with the spacing, the curved writing and sizing. 

I added the elephant to help tell a story and to add a little whimsy. (Also he was well loved from the comments that I had to give him more face time.) Some tiny smears appeared while I was erasing, so, I added color to camouflage.



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