Everything starts with almond

Everything starts with almond - student project

Looking for the inspiration I was opening my fridge and cupboards, trying to find nice-looking food and pretty decor. That was tough. Locked in my apartment due to the pandemic, I've baked a lot for the last weeks, but I have no idea of what I would like to shoot and how it should be presented. Moreover, I wanted something simple and clear.

I opened the cupboard for the third time. Flour bags, sugar, spices, oats, nuts. A big bag of almond. Almonds. For the last week, I was opening this bag nearly every day. I had French macarons, Tuscan cantucci, almond pear tartlets, almond cream tartlets. From delicate French dessert to rustic "Cucina Povera" cookies, everything was made with almond, the key ingredient in different cuisines. Baking starts with flour. But the tradition starts with an ingredient, and today my milestone is almond.

I used the same background with the minimum details to accent the variety of colors and textures of baked goods made with one product.Everything starts with almond - image 1 - student projectEverything starts with almond - image 2 - student projectEverything starts with almond - image 3 - student project