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Everything is coming up roses <3

Hi Everyone! 

So happy to be here with all of you! I love playing with watercolors! Olga's classes have really helped my artist heart flourish! 

Now... on with the show!!!!!!! 

I woke up this morning, coffee in hand, excited to paint! It is unusually warm today, with golden sun. I was so happy to bring my brush to paper, as it is so meditative. 

Here is my warm up rose: 


I really love the way the color mixed here! And the dry brush stroke in the top of the leaf! This was still drying so a different surprise may be waiting for me when I paint tomorrow. Next time, I will be bolder with my color!!! 

Here is my second rose. 


I love the flower petals, the way the center reminds me of a sun rising.It's so magical. I can't wait to pull the cling wrap off that big, juicy green leaf tomorrow morning! 

I am finding that I really like cropping my photos. It gives me different perspective and I think I will use it more often! 

I hope you enjoyed the beginnings of my project here! Thanks for stopping by! :) 

Until next time! 

-Tasha <3 


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