Everything is an experiment.

Inspired by a quote from designer Tibor Kalman, "everything is an experiment." I want to continue to develop this idea and convey that don't be afraid to try just because of the chance of making mistakes or fail. Making mistakes is a critical part of a learning process. See mistakes as happy accidents. Be bold and laught about it and move on. It's a life attitude I want to teach myself as well as to encourage others. No matter big or small, embrace your fear and live it fully.

I am in the process of collecting and brainstorming short life moments that could depict my intent. So far the list goes,

- practicing clarinet for a new tune

- failed woodtype prints

- cooking disaster scene

- design sketches

- dance in public

- debug

- draw the right object 

- ...

(more to come)


Questions I am asking myself:

Will I be the actor in all the scenes or have different people play out different scenes, why or why not?

What are the criteria for choosing a scene to express the idea? What counts as powerful? 

My goal right now is to make people smile sincerely at the end. How can I achieve that?




Updated 12/23/12

Among the six scenes I shot, I picked three for the reasons being: making sure all scenes fit in the time frame(~30 sec); exposing the process of "experimenting"; with not-so-ok results.

Here is my first draft of the video:

For music, I find Keith Kenniff's this piece (Playful / Indie Pop - Rituals) fits particularly well. I am going to ask him for a copy to add it to the video.

Next step

+ Edit the video to make it more tailored to the music.

+ Add text to accompany the video for more clear messaging, I am thinking only at the end.

Any thoughts or feedback are welcome! 

(Will be back until 13th)


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