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Everything is Possible

I've been hand-lettering without really knowing what "hand-lettering" is since I was little. I have always found letter forms fascinating and beautiful, and I epecially love bending and shaping them into one another by doodling little phrases and sayings. Lately I've been really trying to develop my own distinct style. 

I enjoy the challenge of trying to perfect different styles of letters - serifs and scripts etc - but this project represents the style I like the most. It's a kind of imperfect, organic feeling sans serif that's playful. I wanted to take this class specifically because I love the imperfections in a lot of the sketches I do and I want to learn how to best digitize my work without losing those imperfections. That's why you'll see this composition is a bit rough on purpose. 

I've also included a bit of the process photos. Sean - your tip about drawing out thumbnails first has been a great one for me, so thank you! 

Imported to Photoshop (via photo not scan) and cleaned up a big using Sean's recommendations for Levels and spothealing etc. 

Since I left it a bit rough intentionally, I also decided to try and practice filling it in a bit digitally using the brush tool. However, I'm not crazy about how some of the letters turned out. I just couldnt' find a way to make the edges not look fuzzy or jagged. In the future I think I'll either spend a lot more time perfecting my sketch OR maybe I'll learn the more precise vector method in Illustrator and that will give me a more crisp line. 

Still couldn't figure out how to get rid of those pesk corners!

Also played around with some color treatments thanks to the awesome Screen layer trick! 

Clearly I just wasn't patient enough... because I realized that with the tracing options, a lot of the pixely grain gets evened out depending on the settings. Here's what it looks like after my image trace. (Kept in some of the white spots in the letters this time.)

No idea if it is obvious to anyone but me but I like this much better. 


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