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Everything is Possible

My vision, a moment in time:

I am in a room filled with light, looking out to the garden through the open window. I am awakening from my meditation. I lift my cup of tea that has been cooling as I meditate, and I look out at the beauty of nature. I soak in the joy of sunshine. I step outside and breathe the fresh air, smelling the earth and cool water.  I can hear birds and a slight breeze through the trees and leaves of the garden. I am calm, my body feels relaxed and in tune; I feel my connected self. I am alone right now, but I know someone I love is nearby, preparing for their own day.

I enjoy the Mediterranean climate. I know the ocean is nearby and can envision the quick journey to the waves. Today though, I prepare for my morning workout with a quick bite. I return to my home feeling strong, my mind bright from the physical activity. My body is fit and feels good. I feel all ten fingers and all ten toes.

After a quick rinse, I throw on light, cool clothing and head to my studio/study. The room is clean and sparing, with sheer white curtains pushed aside from the window. There are books and there is art, each piece has a story and carries significant thought. I see the work I created, pictures of experiences not yet had. Art I made myself of places we have gone, nature, and sacred spaces. The center of the desk is clear, if I need a computer I bring it to the room, there is none in residence. I step into the room looking forward to the work of the day with assurance (as opposed to anxiety). There is a small stack of journals and published books on my desk, all of my own writing.

On the wall is a framed illustration, a painting of a deep pink flower blown by wind on a natural fiber background. Alongside is a quote in black ink, written in French (I’m fluent) in my own handwriting: "Je suis là, je suis libre, je peux tout m'imaginer. Tout est possible... je n'ai qu'à lever les yeux et je redeviens le monde." A quote that guides me and grounds me. Reminding me that this day, and every day is filled with possibility, the possibility and the certainty that I create the world.



10 yr: I live in California near the ocean. I have a child.  I have a loving partner.

5 yr: I have a primary residence in Europe, visit family and friends in the U. S. at least 2x a year, and host visiting loved ones at least once a year. I am fluent in French.

1-2 yr: I live in San Francisco and am preparing for an upcoming move to New York for both work and to be closer to my best friend as she prepares to give birth to her first child. I attend Burning Man.


10 yr: I meditate daily. I am free of illness. I work out five times a week. I have an art studio space.

5 yr: I have a daily yoga and strength training practice. I have undertaken a great hike on three different continents.

1 yr: I write daily. I train at crossfit 3 times a week and practice dynamic movement such as capoeira and yoga twice a week. I am enrolled in an art class focusing on technique and materials.


10 yr: I work from my home most days in a sanctuary like space filled with mementos of my adventures. I am a curator. I work part-time with an organization that works to build strong, safe, and healthy communities.

5 yr: For work I travel frequently around the Eastern Hemisphere visiting cultural institutions and sacred spaces. I have at least five published works.

1 yr: I work for an organization exploring the human experience and building understanding. I climb Half Dome.


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