Everything is Belly Dance to me....

I was going to watch all the projects first, but then I realized it was influencing my posts. So I do apologize in advance for any biteing of your bites. In no particular order, here we go!

1. Club MTV

I am an old lady. I was actually in my midwestern living room, planning my next "club" outing with my friends, watching this goofy show. Of course, once we got to our Michigan college-town club, no one was dressed like this, or doing anything fancier than a side-to-side step with a head bob. But here was the dream..... 

http://youtu.be/FNCBM2HeSz8 - I like the girl at 2:51, who was "vogueing" as far as we knew. 

2. Janet Jackson, the Pleasure Principle video

Since I have already confessed to being old, here's another old-school guilty pleasure from high school. I was supposed to be a "punk rocker", so this was too mainstream to be cool, but I loved it anyway. 

http://youtu.be/Q-gu1KETjVY - 0:38 undulating walk

3. and 4. - Donna Mejia, fusion belly dance

If I have any dance background, it is in middle eastern dance and tribal belly dance. I went to the Tribal Revolution conference last summer and took a class from Donna Mejia on fusing hip hop with belly dance. This was a total dead stop for most of us with a belly dance background, so hard to master, even though it was all attitude. 

http://youtu.be/Rningw_yJSw - I am picking two moments, 5:42-5:49, which I will call Donna Mejia Blows My Mind, and 7:15-7:34 for the amazing hand-jive.

5. GirlWalk//All Day - Shopping Spree

Somebody shared the first episode on facebook in December 2011 and I have probably watched the whole series at least once a week for the last year or so. I think I was inspired by no-fear-of looking goofy public dancing. 

http://vimeo.com/33818354  - at 2:15 there's a turn away and around and BAM. 

As I mentioned, I have a belly dance background, and I think I was hoping to develop some moves that AREN'T belly dance influenced. But when I look at these clips, I still see the connections, and I think that it's okay. I will use my new signature move at the monthly dance parties my friends dj at the local dive bar (super oldies, 80s music, etc.). So yeah, I'm looking forward to learning new things from everyone and everywhere. I hope to get a little confidence. 

P.S., If my links don't work, I'm going to be really sad.... 


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