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Zoe Allen

Self-taught illustrator/designer/hand-letterer



Everything is Awesome

"When we're living our dreeeeeeeeeeam!!"I thought this phrase would be fun. I wanted to choose quite old-fashioned woodblock typefaces to contrast with the thoroughly modern 'awesome' - and then it allows me to use bright, primary colours which is reminiscent of Lego itself.

Anyway, I played with a few different script styles and typefaces. I was orginially thinking the really curly script but it just wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be. Maybe that says more about my calligraphic talent than anything else! But anyway I liked the curved style because then the 'is' could fit quite comfortably in the space and it frames the 'awesome' nicely too.

I really liked the House of Problems badge they designed for the V&A - the bright colours and that woodblock print! Pretty much inspired the direction I wanted to go with this, so I used that typeface for 'AWESOME'. I got to work sketching it up bigger (bit hard as I didn't have a compass, so I was using a wide mug to get the curve right!) before putting it on a lightbox and inking over it with a fineliner - things got a bit wonky but I was able to move it around when I put it into Photoshop anyway...

After lots and lots of fiddling and re-smoothing in Photoshop (everything came out a bit pixelated from my old scanner - does anyone know a good way of smoothing that out without going over everything with a brush? MUST be a better way...), I got everything straightened up, I added the banner that I had forgotten about it stop it looking like quite a plain composition, and started playing around with colour. I really liked the blue/yellow combination in the letters, but the red banner was not working...

Finally decided on the bottom option, but now with the addition of the banner, the 'is' is getting a bit lost - I've added a yellow glow behind it to make it pop a little more, but I'm not really sure about it (maybe better in blue???). Overall though, for my first handlettering project, it's not a bad start! :)


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