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Kelly Bieksha

Graphic Designer in Progress...



Everything in Moderation...

Hi, this is my first class on Skillshare. I loved it! I'm studying graphic design at Portland Community College and currently am not in any GD classes ( I have to wait until January). So I wanted to keep practicing on my typography and design. I'm also excited to dive into illustrator, which we haven't covered in school yet. I'm looking forward to digitizing this design in the next Skillshare class!

Anyway, here is some of my process. I have lots more pages but didn't feel like scanning everything. Next time, I will do it in increments. 




Sorry for the sideways photos. Here is the final one....


And here is my digitized color version. I'm pretty pleased with it. I actually haven't finished the second part of this class but plan on doing another quote and finishing then.



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