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Everything from A to z

So I was painting and was just about to call it a day and out of nowhere I remembered this project and I am.

I wanted something bright colorful, and fun just like the city name.

I did this in watercolor and didnt even use a pencil. I did mess up on the A's and tried to fixed by turning them into hearts...and then hey I liked it...the idea od hearts on the watercolor.


Thw city is Azusa and the slogan for the city is everything from A-Z in the USA.

This city has a high community base filled with parks anr recreation activities. It is common for people to say I have lived here for 50 years. I work within the school district so I see lots of kids all the time. There are lots of mom and pop places as well a big reatail shops and so on.

Some pics tha describe the town,






I recently learned historical background of this town and maybe should do a vintage theme.






I really like the bottom one and like the heart swirl from above. I'm in love with color and I like the idea of sketching with color. I do all my work hand drawn.


I need to work on the letters here. I just drew and wanted to go where it took me and I cam up with this. i do love it. It is sporadic, fun, inviting, an warm in a sense....like a communitiy....Azusa. I wanted all the letters to be close somehow...represneting a connectiom.

I am a beginner and am still mastering the baics but I love this and I believe in my art, all I need is practice. Pleae critique me so I can learn. Thanks!

One more and I hope this shows that I am working and improving and yeah my art may not look as pretty as others' but it has heart make no mistake about it!


This is water color crayon from Windosr and Newton Professional.


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