Everything Nice mood board

Everything Nice mood board - student project

I'm working with a homemade skincare product called Everything Nice. It may be sold locally at farmer's markets or gift shops. The first product, which I will be designing for, is a sugar scrub, which does not have a name yet.

The Product: Natural, simple ingredients that nourish the skin safely. The label design and materials should match the natural feel of the product.

Mood: feminine, natural, elegant, classic

Goals: Create a cost-effective label that are eco-friendly and easy to apply to mason jars. Possibly also create a label for a bag.

#1 Everything Nice Mood Board

I kept an open mind while looking for inspiration for my label. I discovered that I was drawn to background patterns that supported or were integrated into the lettering. (The work of Seb Lester and Louise Fili are great inspirations.) I also like the idea of a pattern/lettering design wrapping around the mason jar. On to sketching!

Everything Nice mood board - image 1 - student project

Everything Nice mood board - image 2 - student project

Sketch #1 

I've had a hard time narrowing my inspiration for this design. I have a sense of the mood I want to create, but the lettering style was eluding me. I finally rememberd the Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella in Florence and explored their site for awhile. Oh, and I found a rad atlas from NYC. Just the inspiration I needed. Love when that happens. So this is the new inspiration:

Everything Nice mood board - image 3 - student project      Everything Nice mood board - image 4 - student project

This is the first doodle. I won't even call it a sketch. I have a TON more work ahead of me. But it's great when you get the sense of where you want to go and start that first step.

Everything Nice mood board - image 5 - student project

Nydia Mauras-Jones
graphic designer, letterer lover