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Eric Westerlind

Designer / Writer / Editor



Everything Everything

Think I made the right move, placing new content on top. 

Hand full of graphite. Somebody (Rob C?) mentioned adding something organic to the thing. Plants, something.

I just listened to their albums again. One of my favorite lines revolves around the lyric "come up with something organic".

Drank a half bottle of wine. Came up with something:


Alright, first round of sketches, thumbnail ones. 3 different concepts. 

Try to keep em disparate so'as you can see where I'm thinking of going, or maybe more importantly, that I can see where.

Um, this was actually the third I did, but probably my lean to. I read like.. 18% of a history of the Bauhaus, and went to this awesome collage site and since have been like fuck I love random little snippets of text and especially in small iso'd doses.

And the band as I wrote above said something about James Bond, and it's at a palace type place. 

Here are the inspirations, possibilities. Where I drew ideas and images from:

so yeah, bond, bits and pieces. i'd like to do some photo overlay stuff like that. obviously less print friendly perhaps but don't really give a shiv. kind of tired of illustrator vector but..

number two idea

see if that fits. 

uh, so actually have been playing with perspective in my toolbox lately. this one has no inspiration except that work that i've been doing, and yeah, maybe the last bit too, the swiss and geometric style that these guys present. they do a lot of stuff with modern lines, straight non-organic non-tree root type imagography. want to link to that, also want to use stuff i've already been working on so that it doesn't just become more sketchwork down the shitter.

cool. white, black. black white. something easy and pretty, you know? old (new?) computer graphics type.

and the last and oh man idea 3


I mean. I saw the word, had to look it up. 

if you can't tell because of shady drawings, that's a boat in the center, as is evidenced in the later 'inspiration' . I was thinking a big old cruise ship since the place is 'Palace' Alexandria. Um. Yeah, waves, big old pulpy drawing probably if I went this way. Also was thinking Watchmen, the Black Freighter side-story that had me by the neck the whole time. It had great little scrolls for dialogue boxes and simple colorings, replicate, use that.

I could go track down pictures of it but, gives you something to do if you've read thus far. Here's what I drew from, beyond those mentioned personal experiences:

the second image is more the direction i'd like to head. they've been doing a great job with moby dick icon and imaging (the great american!) and i've loved what they've done with just monster ideas, you know?

they, the ambiguous they.

alright, that's my thoughts. I'm like.. twenty fiv eminutes late. this didn't start happening until after high school but, turning it in at least.

BOOM. until next sketch



Oy, lost my post. That's what I get for scampering around too much.

So, Everything Everything. They're on their second album (Arc). Shot 'em a tweet, tweeted em a shot, was like, hey, any tour dates you'd want a poster for, doing it for this class etc etc. 

Meanwhile, listening to ASAP Rocky, so.. I'm not on an EE kick, but, gotta get their new album and then start playing around.. reading some interviews by and about them..

They messaged me back, pointed me towards their event list so I just picked on with a fun name, far enough out that feasibly something could get printed:

Alexandra Palace w/ Two Door Cinema Club. That's in April.

From an interview: 

“Although we do have a repeating penchant for terrible creature feature movies. Stuff like Sharktopuss.

“Also we watched all of the Bond films over the course of a festival season a couple of years ago. It sent us all mental.”

More to come obviously



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