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Everything Everything - Arc


Band: Everything Everything 

Album: Arc

Here is a small overview of the band:

Everything Everything are a British alternative rock/pop band that formed in late 2007 in Manchester. The band have released two albums to date -  Man Alive and Arc - and have garnered wide critical acclaim for their ambitious sound. They are noted for an extremely eclectic and dynamic style, with complex song construction and dense detailed lyrics. - Wikipedia

They are definitely one of my favourite bands due to their unique and diverse sound and they are also fantastic live. If you haven't done already, I definitely recommend you check them out!

I chose to illustrate Arc instead of Man Alive as it has more themes running throughout the album which will offer more possible outcomes for an album cover. It is the most current album but it is also the first album I heard from them.

Track Listing

  • 1. Cough Cough
  • 2. Kemosabe
  • 3. Torso Of The Week
  • 4. Duet
  • 5. Choice Mountain
  • 6. Feet For Hands
  • 7. Undrowned
  • 8. _Arc_
  • 9. Armourland
  • 10. The House Is Dust
  • 11. Radiant
  • 12. The Peaks
  • 13. Don't Try

One of the most noticable things is the strange combination of lyrics which are often quite hard to decipher and can seem quite random. They like to play on words and often random sections of past conversations they have had between themselves creep in. 

For example: ' Four walls and a cauldron of Kalashnikoving, 
                         and our home is a trigger that  I'm always pulling 
                         At the border, at the, at the border' - Kemosabe

The concepts and meanings behind the lyrics are actually quite in depth and involve issues we see in society or a bigger topic such as evolution. I would like to try and include some of these meanings within the creation of the album cover.

Album Cover for Man Alive

Photo with digital distortion, text layered on top.

  • Album Cover for Arc

The band reviewed themselves and the music they were creating after Man Alive to see what was working and what wasn't. They felt the music didn't relate to listeners as much as it could do due to not having 'normal' song structures as well as each song sounding so different from the next. They wanted to make the music on Arc flow easier and be more heartfelt. In terms of the album art, they featured themselves as they were 'taking off the mask' and were revealing themselves as they are now.

  • Artwork for singles released from Arc


Again, the covers feature members from the band but with different techniques applied. The first contains each member of the band. The second merges a back and front view of one member, revealing more (going back to the taking off the mask concept).

  • Stills from the music video for Cough Cough



Their unique style also crosses over into the music videos. Cough Cough may seem like a strange name for a song but it is actually relates to oil consumption and money. It is also a good example of how their writing style has changed to produce songs that are easier to listen to.

Initial Concept Ideas


These are my brainstroming notes:

I think the ideas that jumped out at me the most were:

  • The idea of 'taking of the mask' and reviewing the band
  • References in the lyrics to evolution which could be linked in with the taking of the mask concept with the idea of the band evolving - something being reborn?
  • References in the lyrics to society - media making you feel like you need a perfect body (Torso of the Week) and the 'X-Factor' side of the music industry (Undrowned) - could mannequins be involved?
  • Visual elements I could incorporate are: bringing in randomised lyrics within the cover to reflect on the misinterpretation of lyrics or encoperating digital distortion like in the LP covers (above).

Final concept and mood board coming next!


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