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Everyone can Draw, and so should you (almost) everyday

Update: There are already so many people signing up! I love interacting with the students. This is better than I could have expected. My plan is to keep updating my sample class project with my own daily/weekly drawings and also stay active in the community section. 

Update: Class is live! http://skl.sh/1TzUDTK

Free for first 25: http://skl.sh/1THMNZt

Here's a class segment sample. I kept it short because I figure of all the segments it's the one most likely to be rewatched by a student. I now have all my segments done and edited except for the class project!

I made a Pintrest board with links to the resources I talk about in my class!

Whoops! I changed the cover (partially so I could do a time lapse film of it, too):


My intro!

Less a how-to-draw class and more a WHY to draw philosophy with a bonus toy-making project.

My grandfather was an accomplished art teacher who claimed anyone could draw and enjoyed proving it in his classes. I’m hardly the artist or teacher he was, but the one thing I took away from him was that it still had to be enjoyable, something I honestly think he failed to emphasize -- of his three children and nine (?) grandchildren only two of us went into the arts.

As children we all draw. It has physical benefits like hand-eye coordination, developing memory and critical thinking. But most people stop. Either someone tells them they aren't very good and they give up, or they tell themselves they lack “talent” and give up. Seriously, who has to be good at something to do it? I’m bad at video games but I love to play them. I’m terrible at math but I still use it every day and I like to think my skill increases by flexing that mental muscle. I really doubt most people stop drawing because they no longer enjoy it. As a matter of fact, many of my adult friends rekindled their love for drawing when they found themselves making art with their children. 

Drawing focuses your brain, it can help you concentrate and also to relax. It's more productive than adult coloring books but functions in much the same manner. I hope to take some of the pressure out of drawing and show students how it can fit into everyday practice. 

I nixed this -- it's a class in and of itself! I guess I know what I'm doing next....

<As a bonus, I have included a simple sewing pattern that can easily be adjusted to fit the drawing “building blocks” I use to do casual sketching so students can apply their creative practice to another medium. Mainly because I enjoy doing that myself.>


My outline is a work in progress but here it is: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gIcQc0JG9NwcKG1ZqB4Zkr9yFQCreSv3-uBkJ1X3teo/edit?usp=sharing

I was too scared to make the intro first so I filmed a segment today! It came out better than I expected, but wow -- I wish I had access to a sound studio and a professional voice-over person. Ha ha. 


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