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Everyone Seems to Know Me

I am playing with these two story ideas for now. I am leaning toward starting with #2, because I feel the first could be done in live action, but I am not 100% decided. 

1) Friends who die and decide it would be fun to haunt friends until realize they are missed and how sad it all is, so decide to leave behind something nice for their friends, and then move on (1.5 minutes?) 

                    ** THEME: Dealing with childhood, but growing up point (death as metaphor - showing those around you that you care)

                    ** Experimenting with self/ others, lying, etc.  (Want ideas that are personal)

                    ** Coming of age - Research: Ginger snaps? How girls act when find out? Same idea as with death. Watch Ghost. 

2)  man waking up next to river, beautiful statue that he talks to, not knowing where he is. Meets three people who insists he's someone else. Run and jump and becomes a bird, and the statue from the beginning comes to life. Before jumping someone is telling him not to. That he won't, because that's not him. But he feels it is right, in his heart.

                    ** THEME: Issue of figuring out who you are while people around tell you you'r one thing (maybe he looks like combo of animals/ it's unclear? Maybe dinosaur? Or human, but animals saying he is a cat (  ), giraffe (long neck?), or (  ). he runs away from each when they do something odd he can't do?

But you can see #2 still needs work (they both do), but I hope to work through it as the class describes. 


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