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Everyone Can Draw, and so should you (almost) everyday


The May Workshop is over and I've just passed 400. I'll post a promotion about the class again mid week to my assorted social media. This was an incredible experience! 


I added my class to my personal website this moring (no idea why I didn't do it before). I'm now nearing 250 and have my first downvote :/ but I guess if you have enough students that will happen evetually. I've continued to post to my Face Book Pro page about the class, though I may give it a few days off now so people arent innundated. There are too many students now for me to keep scrolling through to try and figure out where they came to the class from. 


I added my bonus lesson, but by the time I finished it I was just shy of 200! What happened? I guess trending on the front page really gives the class momentum. More incentive to get to that first 25 -- now I know just how big a deal that is. I don't know what other teachers do -- is it bad form to suddenly tack on extra sessions when some may already have finished the class? I do hope that if I can keep my students engaged they will upload their class projects. Of course, I've only been live a few days so maybe I'm over thinking? 


I hit 100 students much faster than I expected! So I'll be filming a bonus lesson this weekend! It will be about doing drawings in detailed black lines for people who aren't interested in painting or coloring, or who want to scan and print their drawings for use as coloring pages, etc. 


I'm now over 80 students, so I've decided to announce a bonus lesson -- when the class reaches 100 students I'll add a short video on a new subject. If the class continues to grow, hopefully I'll have a new incentive figured out for the next milestone. 

Here is my class:


My email that I sent out: 

I know I’ve mentioned Skillshare and the great classes I’ve taken there to pretty much all of you. Now I have a class, too! I believe everyone can draw. What’s more, I believe everyone SHOULD draw! And do it (almost) everyday. This program encourages creativity with the support to keep you drawing. You can interact with me, the teacher, post your class projects and see what your fellow students are doing. 

I have provided a link with a Three Month trial subscription to Skillshare for $.99 which gives you access not just to my class but all the classes offered on the site. http://skl.sh/1TK6U7P

There are also a limited number of free passes that will allow you to just view my class. http://skl.sh/1THMNZt

Come draw with me! 

I made multiple Facebook Posts:

I made a Skillshare Class this month: Everyone Can Draw, and should (almost) every day. If you use THIS LINK(http://skl.sh/1TzUDTK) to sign up you get three months on the site to take all the classes you want for $.99 and you help me by making MY class more visible by enrolling.



I uploaded a video to YouTube with a smaple lesson: 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/BD8rB2E4BmI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I also used Pinterest to support my class: 



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