Everyday recipe

Everyday recipe - student project

Hi everyone !

Thanks for this really nice motivating moment. I felt all in !

I'm kinda nerdy french cook. Most of my free time is about food : eating, learning, sharing, talking about food or create some unexpected fusion combinaisons.

I thought it will really make sens to draw everyday what I cooked the day before. Sometimes it will really be a "by the book recipe" some other time it might be tips related to one particular ingredient. According to the mood, the fridge and inspiration. 

I'm building my own content (super fun) and I can think about it during breaks and walks to work before actually draw it.

By the end, I will have a list of my everyday cooking tips and trick, ready to share with my friends who are always texting me last minute from the supermarket. I might combine the best pieces as a Christmas gift if i reach an quality i'm okay with.

The goal is really to get more confidence on my everyday drawing and storytelling. 

The routine is set by the clock - every evening before diner. And i decided to keep it offline for relatives only so far.

I started a week ago with some stuff I had around me ( color pencil and notebook) before realizing it was quite time consuming and maybe the most readible ever. My personal challenge will be to let it be as unperfect as it is and grow my technic on the way.

Here couple of sample. I will keep you posted from time to times ;)Everyday recipe - image 1 - student project

Everyday recipe - image 2 - student project


Everyday recipe - image 3 - student projectEveryday recipe - image 4 - student projectEveryday recipe - image 5 - student project

Everyday recipe - image 6 - student projectEveryday recipe - image 7 - student project