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Everyday Type - Badass Remixed Letters

For this project I'm going to go over different Remixed-Letters that I have created for the production of this course and go through the steps to show you a guide to follow when presenting your work.

Example 1: Money, Power, Respect.

Chosen Word: Hustle




Mind Map - Hustle

Mood Board - Hustle


Inspirational  Artists that I like.

Paul Sych - www.faith.ca

Ash Thorp - www.ashthorp.com



Choose an object that relates back to your word in brainstorming.

From Hustle, I got to the idea of money and I used dollar bills to create the word "Power."



Once I completed my physical letters, I then vectorized it using the Adobe Shape App and Remixed with a Font (Baskerville) in Adobe Illustrator.

Vectored Letter

Remixed Letter




This step in the process is about taking all your Remixed Letters and applying it to a Typographic Poster. By laying out a composition and using design elements like contrast, color, scale, layout, etc. We can communicate the concept through the typography.

Typographic Poster. - Money, Power, Respect.


Example 2: Skillshare - PaperClips Typography


Typographic Poster - Skillshare

The purpose of this poster was to display how my original paperclip typography could be re-created and applied for new messages. This poster also represents all the units students will learn while taking this course in order to make an amazing poster for their final project.


Example 3 - Infinite  - Jiu Jitsu Belt


Typographic Poster - Infinite

Originally done as a test for the class, I chose the word Infinite. Through my brainstorming I got to the idea of Jiu Jitsu, and to me, it's endless and infinite in the amount you can learn and create. By taking the everyday object of my jiu jitsu belt and creating letters with it and then remixing it with a font I was able to communicate this idea of infinity through a Typographic Poster.

I hope you guys enjoyed this class and I hope that by taking this class it has opened your eyes in seeing inspiration in anything. Inspiration is Everywhere.

Get lost in this process and go play. I cant wait to see the Remixed-Letters and Typographic Poster.


- Jason


Jason Jay - JSNJAY
Design & Art Direction
[email protected]


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