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Everyday Opulance


Excited to be uploading my first Skillshare project! Bonnie, thank you so much for another wonderful class! I've loved patterns and sewing for years, but never knew pattern design existed since watching your first class a few weeks ago. Now I can's get enough! Here's my first collection:


Applied to mockups:


Individual Patterns + Names:


2nd Colorway (I did this one first, but wound up prefering the second)



I started with pen sketches, taking inspiration from photos I took while hiking as well as some Pinterest research on Art Deco. I didn't make a formal inspiration board, but I think I will in the future. Here are some of my sketches:


One major mistake I made was building my patterns before selecting color schemes -- I somehow thought I was saving time, but ending up causing myself a lot of headaches. Here they are in the inital, uncolored phases:


I didn't give myself as much time as I would have liked to complete this (mostly because I was having so much fun and not realizing how much time was slipping by!) so I will continue to work on these and try out some additional colorways.

So glad I stumbled upon this class! Thinking about patterns has made me much more aware out all the gorgeous plants and colors around me, and the contest deadline was great motivation for me to start designing. I look forward to making more patterns. Thank you Bonnie for the inspirational course!


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