Rene Klein

Digital Scrapbooking Designer and Eternal Optimist



Everyday Moments Journaling Card

I design digital scrapbooking kits, so I've made a million bracket frames. I chose to build my shape up out of ovals and use Pathfinder to merge them into a label suitable for journaling. It's very important in scrapbooking to have someplace for a few words to give context to the photos, so I'm constantly having to come up with interesting designs for cards in 3x4, 4x4, and 4x6 inch sizes, as well as tag/label shapes.

Picking a palette was easy--I opened up the one I created for the kit I'm currently in the midst of designing, and chose a few colors from it. I need about a zillion more cards for this one, as I'm using the same palette for a collection of monthly expansions to the starter kit. It's a massive project, but a fun challenge to use the same 14 colors for everything from Valentine's Day to Cinco de Mayo and Thanksgiving. (This card uses 6 of them, if you're counting.)

My tag makes heavy use of the offset path technique, as that's the part of this lesson that was new to me. There are 6 strokes in total, plus the 2 fills, but I think I've managed to come up with a good-looking card which I can include in the starter kit. Only 10 more 4x6 cards to go...


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