Andrew Bespalov

Educational Psychologist and Thinking Trainer



Everyday Mnemonic: Useful Memory Devices for Day-to-Day Life and Life-Long Learning.



Mnemonics are memory devices, that help our memory to deal with material it isn’t very suitable for. So if you want to learn couple of useful tricks that will make your life better and save you some time - this course is for you.

I assume that you don’t have a goal to be new memory champion, or impress your friends at the party with memorizing decks or digits and you are not fond of memorizing for the sake of memorizing. So there'll be no usual mnemonic books stuff (random numbers, words, card decks, telephones, grocery lists etc) but only things that regular person and usual self-learner could use.

A project for this class would be to design mnemonic device for your specific task. To do so you got to

1) List couple of situations or spheres where you could use some aid from mnemonic.

2) Pick one of them and write what type of mnemonic would you choose to design for this particular task. Why have you chosen this type over others?

Do it for other tasks if you want.

3) Now you got to actually create mnemonic device and test it. When you satisfied with it upload it to the project gallery.

Do it for other tasks if you want.


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