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Mira Metzler

Mixed Media Artist



Everyday Metallic Danger

This is my first graphic so I am playing it safe. I am not used to using Photoshop this way, a far cry from my photo manipulations :)

So I decided to illustrate the danger in cosmetics because of loose or insufficient laws, especially outside of Europe. I am a makeup artist and I constantly tell my clients and students to read labels and ask questions.

I found this old study on my computer, it was done in 2011 in Canada. I don't know if it's still accurate and I am only using it as a pretend article so don't rely to much on the info here.

I will take the executive summary and create a one page editorial about it. Let's see how this goes!

First, I decided on my layout. I discovered it uses the golden ratio which is perfect for beauty magazines, I think.


Then I blocked the shapes 


I noticed I can use 3 images at most so I create the moodboard considering a color scheme I use a lot.


Now, I took a loooong time picking fonts and eventually settled for serif+san serif, a very common approach in fashion magazines. Still not loving the body font.

This is where I lost track of time and had to stop 3 hours in to get some rest :) Will continue soon but for now this is my editorial piece.


i'm back at it, went ahead and just pieced text together, then added some color. This is the final page and I am very proud of myself for doing this, learning to use Photoshop this way. I feel the task was big enough without additional pages this time. 


And I couldn't resist a good mockup, of course :)


I am open to any advice!


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