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Kat Lamp

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Everyday I'm Hustlin'

I chose the phrase "Everyday I'm Hustlin'" becasue that song gets stuck in my head all the time. I stay pretty busy and have the misfortune of getting distracted easily, so I felt that illustrating this phrase would help keep me stay inspired and on my feet. I'd like to make a print to hang over my computer to remind me to stay on task.

I'm thinking it would be fun to make this a warm and bucolic drawing that grandmas would also enjoy hanging in their homes.

Here's my wordstorm:

Here's some lettering samples and inspiring images.

I really like this alphabet composed from signs in the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas. Nothing says hustling like Las Vegas! I also love the illstrations on the bottom left; I beleive they are old stamps? I love how they depict different ways to stay busy.

I like how the briefcase dudes on the right looked like they were hustling as well.


Working on Ye Olde thumbnails. Wondering if "Everyday" would work better as two words? Keeping it as one word keeps it real with the song title, though. I like the sunshine beaming over "Everyday."

I also like the idea of incorporating squirrels into the drawing, they always look like they're hustlin.' I was also inspired by one of the illustrations I found with birds flying with letters and flowers in their beaks. Carrier pigeons hustle pretty hard, too. Maybe the critters could be wearing sunglasses, too?

Sorry about the sloppiness of the thumbnails, I get impatient with these! The blobby shapes are supposed to indicate where the squirrels or pigeons should go.

Played with the word Hustlin' for the lettering warm-up while I was creating the thumbnails. I think I like the irony of it being in a pretty script the best. :)

Still not sure which layout I want to sketch, though.

UPDATE: 10/28

Spent the past week sketching, erasing, revising and sketching some more. I've collected all the versions into one handy image since they're all pretty much the same thing plus or minus some details and it would take forever to to upload images of each individual one.

Which brings us to where I am now. Is the fancy serif for "I'm" is too busy?  Also what do you think about the birds carrying the vine that forms the crossbar of the "t"? Is it too weird? There probably needs to be a bird or two hanging out with the nest at the bottom too, I think. And "Everyday" needs to be on a better slope; right now it looks like it's just scooting out of the way of the running squirrel. :) Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated!


Thanks everyone for your feedback! Sorry something came up and I've only been able to pick this back up today. I put "everyday" on a curve in the fancy letters, and simplified and shrunk "i." I also changed the apostrophe to a leaf and replaced the eggs in the nest with acorns and moved the running squirrel to the top. I'm excited about the direction this is going. I apologize for the messiness of this rough. Please let me know what you think!

Seeing this on the screen is really helpful! I'm noticing some things that need to get tweaked. The squirrel on top neeeds to be centered, "I'm" needs a baseline, the "H" in "Hustlin'" needs to slim down and even out. And the squirrel on the left has no definition between his foot and his hiney, like the one on the right. :) And both of their tails are kind of cray-cray.

Took care of those tweaks and now I realize "Everyday" is waaaay off-center.

**UPDATE 12/5**

Since I don't have a compass, and the curve of "everyday" was too off-balance, I ended up scanning this rough and live traing it in Illustrator and using the ellipse tool as a guide for tweaking the letters into a better balance.

After I printed out the new and imporved tweaked version, I traced it on my teeny tiny light box to tighten up the sketch.

Afer I made two different tighter sketches, I moved on to inking them. I chose to ink certain elements both in positive and negative (reversed) so I could have some more options when I moved to the computer.

Here's the two inked versions ready for scanning.

Here it is all cleaned up and vectorized in Illustrator.

Added color and texture and removed the little squiggly ornamentation from the upper corners to help balance out the composition. Orignally I was hoping to create something more whimsical with bright colors, but was surprised that a more subdued palette ended up being a better solution for this composition. I'm really happy with it and learned so much through this process. Thank you, Mary Kate! <3


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