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Paola McFarren

Graphic Designer



Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Introduction Oct 17

For this project I wanted to pick a phrase that inspires me to work hard while still having fun at it. I recently ventured on my own as a Graphic Designer after working in-house for various companies over the years. I want to create a phrase that can become a print that I can hang in my office to inspire me everyday. I am also thinking that this project could become a promotional piece? Direct Mail? 

I will add how I got to this phrase soon, just wanted to make sure I posted sooner rather than later since students are pretty speedy at posting!

...to be continued 


Brainstorm and Background on Phrase

My husband and I do design work together. So him and I brainstormed about my idea. I wanted a phrase that would remind me to 'work hard while still having fun', "Hard work pays off" seemed to serious too boring...after much debate and him being better at words than me (ESL here :) we both agreed that this rap song is def the way to go for this. It encaptures what I want to say in a less traditional way.


As far as style I envision my design to have a mix of script and blocky letters. The blocky being inspired by hiphop culture and also to emphasize the concept of hard work through 'tough typography' similar to what is shown in that gold ring. Also that ties back to my brainstorm words of gold, ghetto fabulous, rap etc. I want the juxtaposition of beautiful scripty type vs. blocky tough letters. That again ties back to the concept of hard work but yet fun and beautiful. I also want to add details and ornaments to the typography and I like how the victorian example shows some of that. I am also interested in somehow showing details that tie back to a dollar bill or money in general, trying to convey graphically $$$ :)

I recently went to a wine shop and picked up a mini magazine "Drink Me", I think is a beautiful example of handlettering and I especially like the Script at the top, since I am fairly new at drawing letters by hand I need as much inspiration on how to do the thick and thins.

I would like to also give a try at super thick's vs super thins. I think it looks super cool and the contrast makes it look modern. As far as color, I envision it bright and bold!

P.S. Mary: I just realized that I might have been inspired by your ring also! :)


Inspiration Update

After looking at my moodboards this morning, I realized that I didn't have enough vintage ephemera, so I decided to go through my books one more time and scan pages for additional inspiration where I can pull from for details in my illustration. I found some interesting fonts in a vintage signs book called "Designage" I also looked at "Design Connoisseur" for some interesting vintage fonts that I felt inspired by. I am really gravitating towards a pink/yellow/orange color palette. Similar to the "A" image in the first page.

 Initial Warm Up

Wow, this should be called Burnt out! :) I am fairly new to handlettering so this was defenitely a challenge! My goal is to draw everyday for a few days before I attempt to draw the same word in different styles as I need LOTS of practice. I noticed already that practice helped me so much, by the third word I felt more comfortable and more free. I am happy with the last version "Hustlin'", here I felt more comfortable and I was able to have more fun and it shows. My script needs a lot of more practice and more fun details. I am a lefty so it's a little bit annoying how the letters get smeared :(, I started placing a piece of paper between my hand and the letters that get rubbed so that they won't smear and it works! :)


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