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Everyday Essence

Everyday Essence

Here is the fun part about me doing this project... I am a tech-tard! I actually have an assistant that does all of my website up keep and design for me. So even getting the screen shot has been a frustrating process. It is what it is and I am not going to worry about those details as much as I am going to focus on audiance building.

My 'Why?' for the blog is because I am sharing life through my eyes as in Intuitive Woman, especially sharing the experiences I have had since the accident that took my daughter and her entire family from this life. You can read more below, this is found on the About Jen page of my site.

About Jen

Jen of Everyday JoySeveral years ago, Jen embarked on a journey that began with the commitment:

I commit to releasing anything and everything that is standing in the way of me living my purpose and being in Essence all the time.

Jen’s Essence is Joy and in the unfolding of her commitment, she began a new movement called Everyday Joy that has become an international sensation. Her personable approach to life touches the hearts of people from all walks of life and has created waves of joy and love across the planet. While she is currently on sabbatical from her radio show, listeners are still rolling in from around the world.

In January, 2013, she experienced a great tragedy when her daughter, Kelsey, son-in-law, Garrett, and soon-to-be-born grandson, Sage, were killed in an auto accident. This experience altered the course of her life, the work she does, and showed her just how willing she was to truly live her purpose, not just talk it. Through the days, weeks, and months that have followed that event, Jen has chosen, time and again, to fully be in her Essence, thereby inspiring others to do the same. She has come to understand what it means to be in Joy and Essence all the time – no matter what.

In her spare time, Jen loves to read. She is an avid learner. She is always studying, reading, listening and watching anything and everything that brings further understanding of human nature, self-empowerment, and spirituality. Her genuine curiosity and willingness often lands her in situations where her “dorkiness” ultimately shines through and her extraordinary comedic timing brings laughter to all around. Most often, this vulnerability leads to depths of learning that come easefully through the laughter.

She’s an intentional cook who also loves to play all kinds of games – board games, video games, and card games. She loves to explore the beautiful landscape of her Sanctuary and play with all the pets that live on the land with her. She is a Gypsy at heart, loving to explore new places, meet new people, and follow the impulses that lead her on great adventures.

The blog that shares some of the story of my kids is http://hissoulandmine.blogspot.com/


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