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Cindy Gabriela Ruano

Graphic Designer & Lettering Enthusiast



Everyday Challenge

What if the things that make you feel safe, where actually holding you back, not letting you reach your full potential?This a series of experiments that confront the limits of what’s known and the possibilities of the unexpected, as a first step towards self-awareness and creative freedom. 

Everyday Challenge is a project of content creation through personal experiences; which uses design as a tool to process ideas and feelings. It was inspired by 40 Days of Dating, a project by designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman. In the making of this project, all things were handcrafted, painted, photographed and designed by the author over the course of 3 months and many sleepless nights. 

I've also made a blog to document my experiences during the project. Go check it out! everydaychallengeproject.tumblr.com


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