Everybody's Buddy Act 1


Hook - Boy is dreading another boring trip to the farmer's market.

  • The Miller family, his owners, is introduced.
  • While trotting along to the market, Boy reflects on the boring trip on the road and all of the things he dislikes about making this weekly trip.
  • He thinks back to other trips and remembers the cruelty of the people in cars making fun of him, his load and the family he is transporting
  • While heading to the market, his considers what conversations with fellow horses will turn up.
  • Boy thinks about the "dark barn" the other horses mention and wonders what that place holds for the horses sent there.
  • His trip back to the barn is tiring, boring and uneventful giving him plenty of time to reflect on what he has seen and heard.


Back Story -  Boy is listening to gossip from the other horses he lives with causing him great fear and anxiety.

  • Mare is introduced as the barn's prima donna.
  • Mare starts up a conversation with Boy, wanting to know all of the gossip from his trip to town.
  • She strives to steal all attention and praises from the Millers and flaunts this to Boy.
  • Mare constantly criticizes Boy, reminding him of all of his flaws.
  • She brings up the subject of the "dark barn" sale and hints to Boy that he could be next.
  • Boy evaluates his flaws and feels rejection from Mare's comments.
  • Boy wishes he could do better but struggles with how.

Crisis - His fear grows as he listens to the stories of the "dark barn', watches others being favored over himself and feels a lack of self confidence, anticipating he will be the next horse to be shipped off.

  • Ben is introduced.
  • Ben, Boy's best friend senses his demeanor and questions him.
  • Boy reveals to Ben that he has been hearing about the upcoming sale and tries to find out more details about the "dark barn".
  • Ben, being the true friend, gives Boy some encouragement and advice.


Barb Tucker
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