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Every day is a new day

I guess we are all in the same boat! I had exactly the same excuses that Ria had, time, space, place, supplies, fear (a lot of that!) and I'm sure if you gave me a few more minutes I'd have 6 more to add to the list.

In the end, for me, it is plain and simple fear that had me keeping my sketchbook at an arms lenght (and to an extent still keeps me from making art every day). But now I have decided that every day is a new day, and if it didn't go that well yesterday, or the day before, maybe today is my day.

Day 1: I have everything I need


After living out of a suitcase or really small cupboard for the last three years, I know for a fact that I actually do have everything I need, in fact I have far more than my current space/suitcase actually allows. While at high school I hardly ever used more than scraps of paper found around the house a pencil and a pen or two. But I kept on buying more stuff and I hardly ever used it. As a matter of a fact, due to a lack of space or increased weight of my baggage, I had to give away so many sketchbooks and supplies...

For day one I tried out something new I bought (yes, one more item I might have to leave behind, but you never know?) a water reservoir brush. I'm not very confident in using it, so I started doodling and fooling around with it for the first day. The left hand page looked a bit sad, so I worked over the water colours with pen.

Day 2: I don't know what to draw

Age old problem.

I was out early in the morning, early enough to still see some stars, and something my great-grandfather said stuck in my head: "The stars keep me young". This became the phrase that inspired the random doodlings for day 2. Initially I had no idea what to do, so I started making marks and that let to little stars, which reminded me of the stars I saw earlier in the morning.


Day 3: But I don't have time

As Murphy's law would have it, I didn't have time on this day, I just grabbed a bottle of ink (yes I do have this in my suitcase - I travel with it taped up and in two ziplock bags because I love it so much, even after all the messes I have created with leaking bottles). I ended up being a bit home sick as well so I drew one of my favourite trees, the African Coral tree.

Day 4: But I don't have the space

Yes, very true, I lack space to store things and create things in. I work and live on a small private yacht (if you watched Below Deck on Bravo, that's what I do, just without all the drama, the drama queens and strange guests - and never believe what you see on TV - it's not all true!).

I share a cabin with one other person, I share a bathroom with 3 others and a crew mess with 4, if you put all of this together it's as big as a small living room in a studio flat. Space is sacred. Space is shared. I can only paint in the crew mess or off the boat - that's it. I can sketch on my bunk if I'm willing to hit my head or elbows.


Day 5: But what if it's not good

Well days 3, 4 and 5 ended up on the same spread, I just had a strange urge to fill up the page because none of the sketches were finished! But at least I started! Like I said every day is a new day.

I did the last task of pulling a number out to see how many more days to draw, but I haven't stopped yet and I'm sure I'm way past the 7 days. I have skipped a day or two (New Years... party...) or three, but I'm still creative every day! Here is some of the results...








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