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Every day, even if only a little.

I've been enrolled in this class for quite awhile and trying to teach myself to draw and paint for even longer but making time and finding courage to make anything public has been daunting. I thought the February challenge would take care of the time issue and I had decided to limit my selection to water color which is mostly portable. It turns out this month has been even crazier than the holidays and my paints have only come out once. I thought about scrapping the whole idea, but a friend pointed out that revising a contract is not breaking it and I had made a contract with myself.

Since I had already made a sketch of what I wanted to paint and I watched day 1 about not having the "right supplies" I decided to see what I could do with only a mechanical pencil and my sketchbook. Since both fit in my purse it eliminates the excuse. It turns out there are a couple minutes to be found between making peanut butter sandwhiches, warming bottles, diaper changes and running out the door to get the 4 year-olds to preschool, even if it is only two minutes at a time. I may not get to the computer to post every night but so far I have made art every day. Sometimes I haven't been happy with it but other days I've surprised myself and that makes it worth it.

Day 1. (Roots)


Day 2. (Place) Clouds have been on my mind. Winter in the NW is pretty gloomy and it seems like the sun may not come back, ever. It helps to imagine what may be just over the gray. 


Day 3. (Music) "The Book of Love" is a song I haven't heard in a long time but I can't get it off my brain today. This sketch was not done in one sitting but just one line at a time over the course of a long day. I was so tired by the end of the day I was kind of surprised it looked like anything when I opened the book in the morning. 


Day 4. (Light) This was mostly done waiting for preschool to be over, but I have started leaving my sketchbook open on the kitchen island so I can add a line when I walk by. 


Day 5. (Shadow) This is one of the sketches I'm less than happy with, but I'm happy with myself that I put pencil to paper. I will be continuing this until at least the end of February, 24 more days.


Day 6. (Comfort) My best friend writes wonderful stories. We joke about the "voices in her head" that are her characters conversations. I also have stories in my head but they almost always come to me in pictures. Someday I would like to be able to do them justice. This one isn't finished but at least the foggy idea has some form.


Day 7. (Composition) You mentioned a quote in the first day of class that really struck a chord because it is something that has always bothered me. I hope to finish this sketch at some point and put it in a frame as a reminder. 


Day 8. (Memory) Very literally only a couple minutes to spare.


Day 9. (Texture) I wanted to make valentines but so far they are only in my sketchbook. I'm really looking forward to painting purple fur.


Day 10. (Time) Nothing says time to me like other peoples birthdays. My own doesn't bother me.


Day 11. (Perspective) Clouds again. I really want to paint this in combination with day 4. People climbing above the clouds to watch the sun rise. 


Day 12 (Space) The girls have learned to ask for "bubble space" when they are feeling crowded. This made me think of bubbles, which led to hot air balloons, which led to mermaids riding bubbles out of the water to dive back in. I was making sandwiches when I was thinking and my sketchbook wasn't there. It had disappeared into a backpack for a "school book". Scratch paper to the rescue, and yes I know I have a weird imagination. I really want to revisit this idea.


Day 13. (Open) I hate this sketch, but I love the idea. Someday.


Day 14. (Gift) We need the rain so badly. I'm trying to remember it is a gift. 


Day 15. (Balance) Tried a person riding a bike and failed, but I think my ballerina mouse is kind of cute.


Day 16. (Depth) This was a good day for this one. I ended up having an emergency hysterectomy the night before so drawing bubbles with a template is about all I had in me. 


Day 17. (Nurture) Drugs and nice nurses made me think of Dr. Whiskers.


Day 18. (Past) Bridges as long as you don't burn them keep life connected.


Day 19. (Theme) Stories. In my art, my writing, and my life.


Day 20. (Precious) Self explanatory.


Day 21. (Dream)


Day 22. (Fear) Change good or bad. "If nothing ever changed, there would be no Butterflies."


Day 23. (Structure) This is a structure that was a huge part of growing up in several different ways.


Day 24. (Detail) I used the girl's OSMO today to get the outline and tried to freehand the detail. 


Day 25. (Safe) First thing that popped in my head. 


Day 26. Magic

I love this prompt but I'm really not feeling well today so I'm just counting it a win that I put the pencil to paper even though I'm unhappy with the result.


Day 27. Grow

Really happy with this one. I want to revisit it with paints.


Day 28. (Bliss)


Day 29. (Leap) Thank you so much Ria for this challenge. It is hard for me to believe I finished it under regular circumstances let alone a month with so much crazy. It is amazing what making a habit can do. I don't know that I see a huge difference in my skills but my biggest trial, talking myself into even  trying has gotten so much smaller. 



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