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Every artist was - student project

Every artist was - image 1 - student project

so i'm a little late in starting this class but i'm still happy that i'm taking it.  i originally graduated from graphic design in 2010 and have felt like i have hit a ton of walls in stepping threw the doors into the feild.

feeling that restraint and being upset by that i have desided to start a personal progect (a rather embitious one i some times fear) involving my two main loves. type and editoral design and quotes. lots of quotes.

so dispite coming late to this class, i hope to learn from it and that it helps me in my indevors. plus its been amazing so far.

Every artist was - image 2 - student project

Edit 1: so since i know i'm a late comer to this class i thought i'd start by just uploading some of my current process work. i'm proud so far, but i need to do mor reasurch and broden my specturm on the type layout and design a bit i think. i'd love for some feedback. also me plus flourshes no work well.

Every artist was - image 3 - student project

J.b. Cohen

Freelance Graphic illustrator