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Every Which Way by Ellie Peters

Hi everyone! My name is Ellie Peters and I am a Graphic Designer in Rochester, NY.

If you would like to check out more of my work you can find me on Behance & Facebook!

Hope you enjoy my project!


My Final Presentation:

Progress Work:

Loud / Quiet



 Geometric / Organic




Heavy Grid




Random Grid


I really love this last pattern! Here's what it looks like repeated:

So prettyyyy!


And then...


Turned This:

Into This:

To better contrast with my Random Grid Pattern (Above)



Fun, fun!



Colorway 1: Earth


Colorway 2: Sea


Colorway 3: Sun





Colorway 1: Artsy


Colorway 2: Wallflower


Colorway 3: Tourist


Exercise: Repel & Attract



How beautiful are these colors!? SO addicting...


Here are all my attract color outcomes:

Colorway 1: Bird


 Colorway 2: Hippie

Colorway 3: Summer


Colorway 4: Frenchie


Colorway 5: Marian Bantjes


Colorway 6: Free People

 WOW how did this happen... Detail shots of my new neutral pattern coming soon!


Ok, so I went CRAZY and made a set of SIX patterns instead of three...

Every Which Way in Frenchie

So I have a bit of a problem... I have NINE COLOR STORIES that I love and don't want to part with! What the heck should I do???


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