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Every Second Counts

Coming out of being the ultimate procrastinator I needed a motivational phrase to strike me like a 2 x 4 off the couch. My original phrase started as Every Moment Counts but as I played with the idea of clocks it was evident that the word Second was much more translatable to the imagery. 

My original thoughts on imagery were to include gears however when I studied my mood board closer I noticed quite a few grandfather clocks and Victorian lettering. So I moved toward grandfather clocks and using the font of the first design in the imagery of the clock (second design).

And yes all three words were intended to be COUNTS... the last one is a good example of what does not work because it can be mistranslated. Then, I studied a lot of chalk board designs because I think it falls in line with the elegant loops made by victorian art. So I found this image on pintrest and fell in love with the loops and since I had a "v" in "Every" I thought I would try it out.

Next was thumbnails. I didn't do very many and they were not all too different as I kind of knew what I wanted. After I was convinced I was going to do the grandfather clock from my thumbnails I did my final sketch of how I wanted it to look like.

Now I was thinking about what size I wanted to make it. I have several 12 x12 canvases and was hoping to put it on a canvas later. So I got to drawing on a 12 x 12 paper. The "v" was not translating very well and because of the size the word second would not fit on the second hand so with a little rearranging I got everything to fit. At this time I was still trying to decide on the font for the word second so I did a few options on transparency paper.

I used a compass and made circles for counts actually correct for a real clock. Then started an ink study. I tried Faber Castle, Uniball, and Micron. I personally liked micron better with the paper I was using. I also experiemented with different levels of thickness.I had to break up my images a little so after my inking I made a photocopy of the final images together and this is what I have so far. 

With the final I intend to do the second half of the course and make an actual clock for my art room.


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