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Every Birdy Loves A Picnic

Tiles and Somewhat Finished Patterns:

So somewhere along the way I started really having some computer issues and don't know where my purple polka dot bird went:(  I will find them and use them for something eventually but for now I reworked my motifs and tried several of the methods for making patterns as well as the pattern making tool. 

I originally had a very pale pastel yellow stripe running through the background of these tiles but it kept crashing my system when I was using the pattern tool so I took it out and went simpler.  The colors are more true to folk art pieces and maybe more true to picnic as well but I'll be trying the recolor methods just to fool around on my own.  Other than that I think I actually made a pattern!  Yippee! 

Tile 2 

I was trying to do a drop repeat but it just didn't work well for my motifs and spacing. However in doing it I created a larger tile and was able to mix in a few other motifs to make it not just an obvious square repeat.  Unfortunately the scaled version won't load here but I like the way the motifs are not immediately repeated using the larger tile size.



Test of Tile 1

Here is a test of my original tile.  I think it looks pretty random and spaced.  I know there seems to be a lot of yellow in one area but looking at samples of folk art that seems to be the way they look.  I'm okay with it.



Tile 1 500x500 square repeat

Practicing and Testing Patterns:

First off, Thank you MaJo for telling us about expand appearance for creating patterns made with patterned motifs.  That is an awesome trick that I didn't know (and kept getting frustrated with.)


I'm still working on selecting colors, transfering motifs and cleaning up artwork that I do have decided (like the wonky leaves), and adding the "PICNIC" theme but I thought I would try to get through a few videos on the actual pattern making process.  I have a long way to go and lots to do before I reach a final piece but here is a sample tile and the tested & scaled pattern.   Looking forward to seeing what I actually come up after more practice and fiddling.





Experiments/Possible Motifs:  (and plenty use of the Reflect and Rotate Tools!)

I have been wanting to do some work with a Polish, Mexican, or Russian Folk Art feel to it.  So although my mood board had a lot of shabby chic flowers on it I thought I'd go a little more folksy on the idea just to develop concepts and practice. I've pinned a few folk art pieces to my mood board for reference.

Here are a few motif ideas(and Illustrator experiments)  I'm toying with.  I am thinking that random birds (not all of them) will carry the picnic items as shown in the sketchedy sketch below with large folk art flowers and polka dot pattern surrounding them. 



My sketches are pretty, well, sketchy!  Seems I can only draw birds going in one direction so I'll be putting the reflect tool to good use! 





Mood Board:


It always amazes me that just randomly grabbed and pinned images really come together into a theme.  I can see I selected a lot of images in shabby chic-ish colors, natural images, and vintage floral patterns.  Not where I was originally intending to go but I might head there now:)

One of my favorite found images.  (source on Pinterest) I want to be sitting there right now!



I started my word dump/ word storm in a who, what, where, why, and how format.  Thinking about the food and what people bring to a picnic was pretty standard so I wanted to go a little further.  WHY and WHO were important to find out!

When I started to think about who came to a picnic it came to mind that every picnic I've ever been to there have been animals in the park: in a way enjoying the picnic themselves!    I thought it would be fun to spin the picnic idea a bit and see what results I can come up with using the animals as picnic goers!  Focusing on the animals gathering, having a celebration or reunion of sorts I am thinking about what they would bring, games they would play etc. 


Because I want to keep the pattern simple (and at a level I can illustrate!) I thought I would focus on cute birds enjoying a bright summer day and gathering for a picnic.  Theme: Every BIrdy Loves A Picnic!






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