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Ever been to Edinburgh?

Hello, my name is David and I'm from a small town not far from Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh. I have always been keen on Photography but recently I've discovered a real passion for it and have recently bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D3300. Having said that, for this class I will be sharing photos I've taken on my iPhone 6 with the native Camera app and a few others. All of the pictures were edited with VSCOcam. I hope you enjoy!

1. A candid portrait.

This was taken at the stairs out of the main train station in the city.  What I like about this photo is the unusual nature of someone standing completely still in a place of everyday mayhem.  This shot was taken on an iPhone 6 using the Slow Shutter Cam app, and although it is a little blurry because I was shooting handheld, I still feel like you get the impact of her watching the world fly past. 

2. Motion Blur.

I feel like this gives off the vibe of Edinburgh perfectly.  The building in the photo is a very old shop called Jenners, iconic to the city and the buses driving past in the foreground give that impression that everything around it is very much alive. 

3. Look Up. 

Shooting a 'Look Up' was challenging for me intitally as in Scotland we don't generally have the high towering architecture that is so common in America or other large cities throughout the world.  The building in the shot is probably the most iconic in the city alongslide Edinburgh Castle, it's the Scott Monument.  I decided after taking a few images of some of the other beautiful buildings we have, this one probably showcases my city the best, and something that definitely makes it unique. 

3. The Night Shot.

I'm still hunting for this one bare with me! 

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