EventKickR, Plancast for groups

EventKickR, Plancast for groups - student project

EventKickR is like Plancast for groups. Our goal is to provide a easy and effective way for trip planners to manage groups.

We started thinking about this idea due to a problem we saw with planning large group trips whether it be a camping trip or a ski trip to Canada with some heli-skiing. There are many other sites we see out there that are in this space but it is more discovery based and doesn't allow people to really manage the group to plan the trip. We asked about 20-30 different people at Angel Hack where a large community of developers and entrepreneurs come together to build cool new products. Everyone loved the idea we had, but the product we had in mind was really 50 businesses. It would of taken us years to perfect. We were able to strip down our idea to a simple MVP.

Biggest Holes in Startup Idea:

-How are we going to get the hotels and other ticketing information so that it is accurate and the best deal?

-How is this different from Facebook events or Plancast?

- What if we want to book seperate hotel rooms.

-How are we going to have different options for diving trip vs. skiing trip etc. certifcation, equpiment.

MVP Solution:

The MVP is to provide a way for anyone to sign-up on our site and create a trip and start to plan it with a group. The goal is to see if people will use a site to plan a trip with groups for the host to collect the money.


Verify the need for trip planners to post trip details and collect money from group.


Success metric:

We want to get atleast 50-100 trips planned for winter/spring with groups.

Solution to hit goal:

We are going to create a web application that allows group collaboration with the ability to collect money for the trip. Then we will promote the site to facebook groups and college networks for people to use to manage their trips.

 Week-long experiment:

 We will promote the site for one-week 1 month before spring break start's for colleges.

Landing Page: www.eventkickr.com