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Even more options...


With this one I had a clear picture in my mind and I had to photoshop (don't have illustrator) a lot to see if it could become that. It worked out oké. I like the middle one best of the three. I didn't want the yellow to have an outline but then it became strange that the little animals did have one. So I removed that later. And I wanted to see it in a forest so I played with a photo a bit.




What I like the best about the girl is that I would identify her as a nature-loving person straight away. Even though she's probably a city-girl. And the tension in the dogline shows the problem with being indecisive. I think she looks friendly, but maybe even more if I change the bangs a little.


Finally I coloured the kids drawing and well... First I used too many colours so I wanted more harmony. Also I scanned it different the first time and the lines came out grey and in photoshop I couldn't get them in an even black and white. I used it and I really liked it in the dog especially but not in the rest of the picture. Later I figured out how to scan it in black and white. I'll show the process.





I've made a lot of pencil drawings before and used a lot of siberian ... uhm ... conté. Working with colour and these sharp outlines is challanging. I really liked it!! Learned a lot and that's why I'm continuing with this assignment in Ria Sharon's workshop next month (whole month, everyday, make something, self chosen limitations). I'll focus on simplicity :-) and originality. Experiment more with shapes.

Thank you so much Jesse!! For making these classes and thank you for your feedback so far. It especially helped me to continue and research the effect of attributes. I understand I made too much for the ... assignment. It's what I needed to do now.

Good luck to you and all my classmates!


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