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Even More Updates: Hitting some walls in my living room

Ok, I'm putting my after photos at the top so you don't have to scroll down and see stuff I've already posted if you don't feel like it : ) If you haven't toured my spot yet, feel free to scroll down, hear my story, and see the before pics as well as my inspiration photo.  


Well since I had a hard time figuring out what to do with my old bed on the floor, I decided to go with the minimalist look.  Less is more right?

CONSOLE- Ok, so I didn't even want to show you guys this because it such a mess, but... I needed to do something with it and putting up public photos is good motivation.  It is a covenient place for jewelry but I had to make a compromise and only leave out the stuff I wear on a daily basis.  Needs are only 1/8 of the formula, right?

BEFORE (ugg)

COFFEE TABLE + SOFA- for my mini coffee table: yes, i am madly in love with my succlent garden, but it is, unfortunately, not that practical.  for the re-style i put the things I need (a sunny place to propagate new succulents, the things i burn everyday to make my house smell good, photo album) and some more proportionate accents out.  


I have been marathon styling my current house for just over a year and a half.  It is much more space than I have ever lived in and I find that I am running out of ideas.  I've decided I would like my living room to be the main act of the house, but I still need a lot of help tweaking the shelves and wall decor.  What I would love to figure out/get input on most are two wall areas- 1. the colum beside that couch that currently has a smattering of instagram pics taped to it.  2. the wall behind my arm chair (currently displaying mock-ups of items I am considering hanging).  Although I am open to all thoughts on my living room (seriously would love to hear ideas!), other areas that I'm still on the fence about are the shelves and the two frames beside the couch.  

As you can see, I love a boho eclectic look with lots of colors and vibrancy.  I shy aware from anything to traditional or orderly.  I am also a huge fan of photos, plants, and bright textiles  and love incorporating them into my design as much as possible (perhaps too much??).  I want to infuse my rooms with as much chaos as they can handle while still maintaing a clean, open look.  

Also included amoungst the excessive photos of my living room is a couple shots of my bed and bedroom.  It's also a little hodgepodge (my biggest design) so I'd love some thoughts on pulling that together as well.  

I'm so excited to be apart of this class and I wish I could invite you all over for drinks and design advice!  Since that probably won't be an option, I'd be happy to settle for comments and input on any part of my living room throughout the course of the class.  



Shelves- side view

This wall needs help!  How can I decorate this much wall space without it looking to cluttered?

My completely uninspired photo wall.  I would love to completely revamp this area. One thing I do love is the framed poster of my Grandma lounging on a haystack in the 40s.  She was quite a dish!

My living room front view

More bookshelves!  Could use some tweaking??

My coffee table type thing.  Perhaps a little disporportionate.... 

Le sofa.  

My bed could use a little work 

My bedroom 

My favorite bookshelf with my secret hidden TV (can you find it?).  I want to bring these to life a little more.  

8 ELEMENTS OF STYLE HOMEWORK (not my house unfortunately) ....

1. NEEDS:Lots of storage- great use of consoles, dressers, and hat boxes

2. SHAPE:  This whole room is about shapes from the different size plants, similiar but different hat boxes, to the juxtaposition of the two sets of decorative tall objects on the console.

3. COLOR:  the main color palette is a very natural and subdued green, brown, black combo.

4. PATTERN: great small pattern rug pair with a large pattern ottoman. The pattern of the decorative piece leaning against the wall and the subtle pattern on the chair also mixes well with these patterns.  The solid brown wood offsets everything.  

5. TEXTURE: The different textures of all the foliage, the burlap automan, and the woven round wood ball are all great textures.

6. PLACEMENT: There are lots of great collections in this room- the plants all on one table, the hat box collection, and the pairs of decorative objects on the console.  

7. BLING: The mirror leaned against the wall provides a nice sublte bling

8. BOTANICALS: This great group of plants speaks for itself!


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